Millions more animals are slaughtered for halal food: Numbers rise 60 per cent amid calls for them to be stunned before death

More animals are being slaughtered by having their throats cut because of increased pressure from Muslim campaigners, it emerged last night.

Some 2.4 million sheep and goats were put to death using the religious method in halal and kosher abattoirs in one year – a rise of 60 per cent.

According to analysis by the British Veterinary Association, some 37 per cent of sheep and goats, 25 per cent of cattle and 16 per cent of poultry were killed in this way in halal premises.

[TOP RATED COMMENT 1204 votes] Ban it.

[2ND 1014] This barbaric method MUST STOP. See how ISIS deals with it’s “enemies”? This is no different.

[3RD 798] This is the most barbaric way of slaughter

[4TH 633] It was supposed to be a religious exemption from our animal welfare laws but now its all about money. Our politicians are to blame and should be held to account. There is no excuse, even religious, for animal welfare laws in Britain, especially painless killing, to be sidestepped.

[5TH 591] If this petition is discussed parliament, it will be by back benchers. This is the information which was e-mailed to me by HM Government in a response to a petition which I signed on this subject. The law in the UK states that all animals must be stunned before slaughter and I fail to see how a minority group have been exempted from this. Perhaps there should be a discussion about one law for all at the same time. [Daily Mail] Read more

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