Baroness Warsi: Is anybody paying attention? Not to her views but what the British public think of them

Baroness Warsi thinks the Media is fuelling Anti-Muslim hatred. She has given a speech

The British public don’t agree. They think the Media is doing its job, reporting the world as it is. They blame Muslims themselves.

In this country, they don’t integrate, they keep to themselves, don’t bother to learn or speak English, want their own laws, special treatment for their practices, and do things which the rest of us find objectionable.

Now, the Public are not stupid. They know this is a minority (albeit a very large one, some suspect) but what gets up the nose, is the lack of British Muslims of public standing, pointing this out and calling for change. No, we get, or the press does, scolded by the likes of Baroness Warsi.

Her speech is reported in the Huffington Post and it has so far attracted over 1500 comments, an enormous number. They overwhelmingly disagree with the Baroness. Nearly 90% think she is wrong.

The comments themselves should be required reading for every British politician. See blow.

Analysis of first 900 comments
Type of comment %
Strongly disagree with Warsi / Islam is a problem 68
Disagree with Warsi etc. 20
Neutral 5
Agree with Warsi etc. 2
Strongly agree with Warsi 5
Total 100

This is the “left/liberal” publication that has as its Political editor, Mehdi Hasan, a former New Statesman journalist described as a devout Muslim who has praised Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and is on record in a video clip saying “Once we lose the moral high ground we are no different from the rest of the non-Muslims, from the rest of those human beings who live their lives as animals, bending any rule to fulfill any desire.”

You have to sign up to comment on the Huffington Post and some of those whose views are reported here are so-called “HUFFPOST SUPER USERS” and most have “Fans” numbering from a handful to thousands. They are Huffington Post regulars.

A small edited selection of comments on Baroness Warsi’s speech

If the Muslim community (including the Baroness) did more to curtail the activities of certain people in their midst instead of turning a blind eye and were seen to be doing so then that would go a long way to dispelling such suspicion.

The papers are more anti British than anti Muslim due to the PC Crap and the Liberal Left! I am sick of the word Islam and I am sick of the word Religion too!

The one most whipping up hate of Muslims is YOU!

Verbose Retort
The media is at times anti-Islamic but that’s not the reason for the mistrust at the end of the day. It’s due to the vocal minority of Muslims being vile. By and large Muslims are good people in my experiences however that minority will always be the one that is heard above the din.

Islam is a very dangerous religion, with a lot of hateful things written in its sacred writings, like the other religions, but with a greater order of magnitude. Muslims are people like others, 99% of them were “born” with that religion and even can’t change it or question it, they should be respected as victims of that religion

A decade ago, ‘Asian’ sex grooming was dismissed as ‘Islamophobia’ by the Warsis of this world. If Muslims are in the news it is usually for good reason. Warsi needs to stop playing the victim.

Roy Fowler
…. as many have said on HP, the vocal, bigoted, hatemongers and fear spreaders are the loudest, yet smallest, part of those who folow Islam in the UK. BUT, where are the hundreds, if not thousands of UK muslims demonstrating, shouting and forcing them backwards? Where are the muslim clerics denouncing them and their actions every day in their mosques? Until we see UK muslims standing “toe to toe” (as anti fascists do against the BNP), there will always be a little thought in many peoples minds that you must believe or “support” some of what they are saying.

Matthew Harrold
Of course if those stories didn’t exist in the first place they’d not be reported upon. At the end of the day it’s down to how an individual behaves, and the way they represent the society they come from. If they want to end the bad publicity then they need to change what is socially acceptable within their own communities.

stewart kellett
She does more harm than good by shouting the odds. If every one lived and let live we might not be in a place where the majority are frightened to speek out when something is not right.

The only predjudice in this country at the moment, exists against us that were born here!

didnt she get in hot water for taking her business friends abroad without permission, and hasnt she had problems with expenses, this UNELECTED token tory muslim should get her own house in order , she is the biggest problem for muslims, not the solution

Can’t stand this women.

Bean Snebbig
I feel that we should be targeting the sects that promote hatred and destruction of culture, like the Wahabi sect, but they are from Saudi – an ally of the US and UK and often go unchallenged. They have wreaked destruction and violence throughout the world and persecute the more peaceful groups, such as the Sufis; the Wahabi sect ARE the extremists we speak of and many peaceful Muslims are fearful of their aggressive evangelism.

Her speech could have been better…..If she had kept her mouth shut.

I don’t agree. The media have been reporting events (yes, usually with their dramatic ajectives and adverbs) that actually happened. There might be some ‘peaceful’ muslims but there are those who’ve followed a violent interpretation of their Book. They do go around killing among other tribes, women and children, and have expressed their intention to deal with The West. too; we’ve seen them having hysterical fits here (Wootten Basset) And there have been many hints of bringing Sharia law to the UK.

Islamophobia is the natural progression of a population who feel under threat and disadvantaged by a system wholly biased towards those people

…. the threat of islamist mindset to western and civilized culture is based on hard facts and data. If Muslims want to change the perception of people towards them, they should try to change their mindset and accommodate with new culture.

We don’t need the media …. we have great perception of what is going on all around us, here and around the globe. You will never hide or condemn any truth about Islam, they are portraying it for themselves…

Anti-Muslim sentiment doesn’t take much feeding. Forcing women to go around in a black tent with a slit for the eyes (and not even a slit sometimes, just a little grid) is just the first in a list which is pretty much endless of Muslim ideas that westerners find repellent.

The further idea that anyone who wants to leave should be killed might be second on the list. Or maybe first. One things for sure. The list is long.

Neil Dunford
Why aren’t people of that faith – more angry about what’s being done by some, in the name of their faith? What are peaceful Muslims, doing to combat this behaviour? – instead of bleating about the media, engage with the media & ensure that if there are Muslims opposed to this behaviour and they are doing something to try & stop it – that it gets reported.

Possibly this mistrust has to do with muslim bombers within Britain, muslim extremists, muslims failing to integrate, learn our language, assume they can take without putting anything back into the community. How about making a speech telling them to make an effort. Dont forget , many came here to improve themselves, better standard of living and education. They need to adapt to our way of live, not us to them

The onus is not on the media not reporting bad stories. I’m sure Warsi would be more comfortable if these things were not reported on but that’s just too bad. Apathy and ignoring and issue never solved a singe thing.

And the public perception of Islam and the Muslim Community has been poor for a long time. Many of us remember people marching in the street holding signs that Salman Rushdie should die – At this point the law should have very publicly come down on those holding those signs like a ton of bricks. Since appeasement never solved anything either an the consequences of tiptoeing round “faith” show that it does not work.

Islam has no centralized body (like the Catholic Church’s Vatican or the Church of England’s Archbishopric) that is authorized to speak up and out against these criminals using the religion of Islam as some sort of shield or flag of allegiance…

We, in the West are left to the scenes captured by news teams in Damascus, Amman, Beirut and Nablus of dancing and singing joyous crowds of Muslim men and women obviously very pleased with the carnage that just befell innocent people far away …

Islam is it’s own worst PR enemy when it comes to expressing the “peaceful nature” of most practicing Muslims and the Religion itself … with all due respect, an occasional appearance by Baroness Warsi does little to assuage the justifiable anger that rises in Westerners when they witness the mobs on Arab streets in celebration of death and destruction. Get your own house in order Muslims ….

Sorry, I thought her job title was “the minister for faith and communities ” – perhaps that should be amended to “minister for my faith and my community” because this seems a little bit too biased to me.

Not so quiet observer
Warsi will add: “An attack on one faith is an attack on all faiths. And an attack on faith is an attack on freedom”. Thats rich considering that Islam is the religion which does nothing but attack other religions and cultures. One that has been at war in one way or another with just about everyone including itself for thousands of years.

50 to 60% of religious hate crimes are against muslims. How much is that exactly? There was 566 reported in total for 2010-2011, so about 340 against muslims.

”… Mama, a new government-backed group dedicated to measuring and monitoring anti-Muslim attacks.”

So in a time of austerity we have a minister who is predominately concerned with muslims and a government body called Mama.

She is correct about the press stirring things up, but the fact that 911, London bombings and countless attempted terror plots might also have a big role to play. No matter what spin she tries to put on the public, she can’t erase the damage done to people’s perception of Islam by fundamental extremists.

No, muslims are themselves responsible for fueling anti-muslim hatred. Islam is a misogynistic, repressive, homophobic, totalitarian religion totally at odds with Western values and which thanks to Saudi money seems determined to bring about a dark age.

Ian James1
Can she be a bit more specific, because all I see is media of all flavours reporting acts of terror committed or planned in the name of islam, kidnap and forced marriage supported by Islam, honour killings in the name of islam. Victims of rape that need male witnesses before its considered a crime in a sharia administered area. (What man stands by and witnesses rape!!!let alone 4..) Mass murder of a different sect of , yep you got it, islam.

Judaism is about the salvation of a people. Christianity is about the salvation of souls. Islam sets out to rule this world. It has a house of peace (Islamic countries). It has a house of war (all other countries)

What’s wrong with being anti-muslim!! And can you blame us. Let me see, we have had our transport blown up and countless attempts since all the way up to groups running prostitution rings … awesome!

They don’t even respect women in their own country. I think it’s right to look negatively on them, they have completely asked for it. We are not complete saps even though our government makes out we are and that we should tolerate everything that happens like complete mugs!!!

There is no such thing as “Islamophobia”. A phobia is an irrational fear. People don’t fear Islam irrationally. They fear it because its values go against everything western civilisation stands for.

For once I am on the side of the media. The Muslims are doing their utmost themselves to make everybody wary of them.

With apologies to hard working moderate Muslims and I am sure there are quite a few, the majority of them just haven’t joined our British Society ….

I fear there is a sympathy among them for the perpetrators of Islamic acts of terror, with feelings of self justification – you get what you deserve. You rarely hear condemnation.

Warsi must realize that Muslims have really been their own worst enemy, their way of life and some of their beliefs are totally foreign to ours. They would be all right if they were not so, well – Muslim. The average British person with British roots feels that we are being overtaken by an alien culture and that is not good now, or for the future.

Don’t blame the media. Islam is a medieval, recalcitrant religion with no place in a modern secular world. It offers riches and rewards in paradise in returning for maiming and murder in the present. It views women and other minorities as second class citizens and dneies human rights in the name of religion. Free speech is condemned and benign acts such as drawing a cartoon of an Islamic prophet is sufficient to whip the Islamic fanatics into murderous frenzy. And Barren-Ass Warsi wonders why Islam has a bad rap…?

Joe O’Donnell
Perhaps she should also hit out at the minority of muslims fuelling the stories. Having experienced that kind of thing myself in Whitechapel – its not fun.

Oxter MacLachlan
She would not be in that job if she was not a Muslim. She in that job because the powers that be thinks she is the acceptable face of British Muslims. So to justify that position she feels that she as to say something controversial every now and again, so that her voice is heard. Baroness Warsi, you are the enemy.

I’m not an islamophobe… In fact, I think baroness warsi would look splendid in a full burka.

“An attack on one faith is an attack on all faiths. And an attack on faith is an attack on freedom.”

Warsi seems to be implying that criticising Islam is itself unacceptable. Is there any criticism of Islam that she would not regard as Islamophobic? Presumably, someone who had no criticisms of Islam whatsoever would convert to Islam! So, is the non-Muslim majority of the UK therefore by definition Islamophobic? This woman gives me the creeps, I have to say.

No Ms Warsi, Muslims are fueling anti-Muslim hatred.

Oh right. So its got nothing to do with the the 9/11, the London bombings, the child rape gangs, the honor killings, the suicide bombings, the kidnappings, the PC stuff that we have to endure now in order to ‘understand them’ along with countless other incidents that actually happened.

No Ms Warsi, they bring it upon themselves and everybody knows it. Do not dictate to anybody about the media fuelling such feelings. There is no problem in society with any other ethnic group, so they deserve all the ‘due’ publicity they get.

And, a very small minority who support Baroness Warsi’s views

Ms Chopsy
Can’t stand this woman but in this case, I could not agree with her more. This site in particular is one she should focus her full attention on. I have never seen such blatant rabble rousing.

Kath Forsyth
She is right, as has been demonstrated by the blatant racist comments on here. I find it hard to accept such ignorance and racism, and feel the media has helped to whip up a general mistrust of muslims, but sadly I feel it is a general lack of knowledge and understanding that causes the biggest problem. Many feel the need to find a scapegoat to explain all the ills of todays society and muslims, because of the actions of a small minority, are the’ trendy’ target.

After reading the many posts below, I cannot help but feel ” What type of societies we have turned into”

I mean most of the posts are nothing more than, biased, ignorant but mostly Unfair. Let’s take a look at this.

Why would actions of certain individuals who happen to belong to a certain community & the assumption that the community isn’t repulsed by these actions & are doing nothing to address the issue gives any one of us the right to tarnish the very same community at large with the same brush?

Do any of us, deny the very many Dr’s, Lawyers, Dentists, Soldiers, Public Transport Drivers, Teachers, civil servants, who are providing services to us, are in fact , decent law abiding, hard working, honest people?

Why the spitefulness?

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