Stand tall against the extremists

“Al-Muhajiroun, a few noisy extreme Muslims, are back. Join us on 31 October to oppose them, and their anti-Muslim enemies”

Analysis of readers comments on the above Guardian Cif post by Inayat Bunglawala 21 October 2009 – See full post here

Many of the comments on this post (there were 161 in total) fall into categores such as (1) what is good and bad about demonstrations, (2) demo jokes, (3) the comical beliefs and statements of Al-Muhajiroun, (4) comments on sharia and Islam (mainly negative) as well as those (5) obviously supporting Mr Bunglawala’s proposed action and motives, and those (6) questioning or criticising his proposed action and motives.

We give below extracts from the top ten comments (in terms of votes) in categories (5) and (6) directly addressing Mr Bunglawala’s counter demonstration.

The supportive comments got 290 votes
The questioning and critical comments got 551 votes

FOR – Supporting Mr Bunglawala’s proposed action and motives

AllyF 21 Oct 2009, 2:09PM – 53 votes
…. Other than that, a fantastic article, and splendid initiative. I think this is a hat-trick of total bullseyes, buddy.

LordSummerisle 21 Oct 2009, 2:14PM – 34 votes
Nice one, Inayat.

goonersunite 21 Oct 2009, 2:15PM – 32 votes
Excellent article Inyat,

My Girlfriend who happens to be Muslim, is thinking of going on a counter-demostration against this organistion, and if you guys will have me, i’ll be joining her…

PeterTatchell 21 Oct 2009, 2:20PM – 76 votes
Congrats Inayat. Your proposed counter-protest is a good idea, to show that these extremists of Islam4UK do not represent most UK Muslims.

…. We should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our Muslim brothers and sisters who want a democratic, free and equal society for all.

I hope the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Association of Britain will officially support this counter-demo.

imogenblack 21 Oct 2009, 2:43PM – 29 votes
…. Makes me want to go down in fancy dress, sing love songs (preferably power ballads), dance like crazy fools and make so much noise having fun that no one can see or hear these wankers….

imogenblack 21 Oct 2009, 2:46PM – 25 votes
The more I think about it, the more I think it should be made a national holiday – National Day of Unity.

Against Extreemist Bores: Fight fire with fun and laugh them out of town?

guardianreeda 21 Oct 2009, 2:47PM – 14 votes
Oh God, that’s three articles in a row I agree with too.

Now if only Polly could pull off that trick. I might start buying the paper!

machel 21 Oct 2009, 3:07PM – 10 votes
Excellent idea Inayat. Do you want non-muslims to join you on the demo?

BeautifulBurnout 21 Oct 2009, 3:24PM – 10 votes
…. excellent initiative and, may I say, not a day too soon either. No you don’t have to take responsibility for the nutters out there any more than I do. But on the other hand, there is nothing wrong in demonstrating against said nutters.

You have my support for sure. Well done.

Berchmans 21 Oct 2009, 3:51PM – 7 votes

I hope you are well… you are rapidly becoming a precious resource. Take care my friend.

AGAINST – Questioning or criticising his proposed action and motives

bluejewel 21 Oct 2009, 2:11PM – 65 votes
[Inayat said][In the meantime, do spread the word. If you are proud of living in a multi-faith, multicultural democracy.]

That’s me out then. I live in Cornwall

endofdays 21 Oct 2009, 2:24PM – 93 votes

I doubt the majority of Muslims want anything to do with Al-M, just like the majority of Brits want nothing to do with the BNP or EDL offshoot.

However whenever there is a Stop the War march or one of the many anti-Israel parades it is packed to the rafters with Muslims (or those who appear to be Muslim) wearing niqabs, hijabs, keffiya’s and carrying banners “We are all Hezbollah now” or “We are all HAMAS now”.

…. they overshadow the suffering of a far greater number of Muslims at the hands of dictators and despots in so-called Islamic republics.

I would quite like to let the fanatics of Al-M and the BNP/EDL slug it out in Wembley stadium. Maybe it could be a pay-per-view prime time event.

goldmine 21 Oct 2009, 2:24PM – 130 votes
[PeterTatchell said][We should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our Muslim brothers and sisters who want a democratic, free and equal society for all]

Sorry to burst your bubble Peter but I’m not convinced that many of your ‘Muslim brothers and sisters’ would welcome you standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them.

monnie 21 Oct 2009, 2:37PM – 53 votes
[PeterTatchell said][I hope the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Association of Britain will officially support this counter-demo.]

Ah yes, the MCB and the MAB. Not an extremist among them!

podgyhodgy 21 Oct 2009, 2:46PM – 35 votes
what is going to be on your banners?

no to sharia in the uk. ?

aboveusonlysky 21 Oct 2009, 3:10PM – 57 votes
What a deceitful article – equating popular newspapers with fascists, insinuating that the only Muslim extremists are Al-M.

But worst of all is attempt to draw attention away from the fact that it is very far from just Al-M which wants more sharia in the UK – a substantial number of Muslims back the sharia tribunals and Islamic schools.

…. Don’t be fooled by Inayat’s attempt to sound ‘moderate’ ….

sludge 21 Oct 2009, 3:15PM – 46 votes
…. What liberal muslims should be doing is organise an active media/clergy campaign for complete overhaul of the Koran to remove the hate versus rightfully exposed by Wilders in “Fitna” that lead to Islam being rightly perceive as a religion of hate murder and persecution of infidels throughout the world.

Digm21 Oct 2009, 6:02PM – 27 votes
Here you are again, Bunglawala – your persistence, or is it lack of perception (?) is absolutely astounding.

You are a well known supporter supporter of Sharia law being introduced in the UK, youve even said it publicly many many times. In your haste to hoodwink us, you obviously havent cottoned on to the fact that those of us who are against Sharia law in this country actually do know that Islam4UK is the baby of Anjem Choudary, a well known extremist ….

Doncha 21 Oct 2009, 6:47PM – 24 votes
Peter Tatchell

I’m really suprised you’re falling for Bunglawala’s story and supporting him regarding Al Muhajiroun. You of all people should be able to see what all this is about – Bunglawala thinks he’s boxing clever by seemingly being against an extremist group – when his aim and the aim of Al Muhajiroun is to implement Sharia Law in this country.

monnie 21 Oct 2009, 7:07PM – 21 votes
…. If we see vast numbers of moderate Muslims waving banners saying:
“No to sharia!” and defending our troops …. then I will be delighted. I can’t see it somehow.

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