Muslims must combat hate speech

“Anwar al-Aulaqi is trying to spread violence in the wake of the Fort Hood shootings. True scholars preach a different message.”

Analysis of readers comments on the above Guardian Cif post by Inayat Bunglawala 10 November 2009 – See full post here

110 people made comments on this post and a large majority, though being against extremism and violence, made negative remarks regarding Mr Bunglawala’s position and his analysis of the problem. He is not convincing as a spokesman for “moderate” Muslims.

Here is a selection of extracts from the top scoring comments.

zounds – 123 votes
Maybe you should all just stop identifying yourself with others just because you share the same mystical beliefs in supernatural beings, and start associating yourself with people who actually share the same concrete, real-world beliefs, then you wouldn’t have to spend the whole time disassociating yourself with people.

1830 – 100 votes
This article is premised on an incoherent position. We do not praise people for doing or saying what common sense morality dictates.

The idea that muslim associations should be praised for dissociating themselves from the actions of the lunatic at Fort Worth is utter nonsense. Its what any decent, rational person would do.

Keowee – 109 votes
If Muslims would stop their attempts to convert the entire world into a 12th century Islamic dictatorship and instead, assimilate with the countries to which they immigrate, maybe the “hate speech” would disappear.

DruidRevelation – 86 votes
…. Why portray Muslims as victims? Surely this is a time when non-Muslims in the US ought to feel more anxious about Muslims, not vice versa. Muslims weren’t the ones massacred.

…. Apparently, the unwillingness of some of Hasan’s non-Islamic colleagues to report him for extremism–they were worried about being portrayed as anti-Muslim–was a factor in his still being at large. It sounds as if the problem in the US is denial of homegrown Islamist extremism, not exaggeration of it.

Peitha – 61 votes
I look forward with interest to see whether Inayat Bunglawala takes up his points about Anwar al-Aulaqi with al-Aulaqi’s supporter Azad Ali, who chairs the Muslim Council of Britain’s Membership Committee and is a member of its Central Working Committee.

AJM1969 – 36 votes
…. it never ceases to amuse how the …. spokespeople for what ever religion it may be will attempt to adopt the moral high ground vis a vis their own religious convictions in a standard “this isn’t our religion” argument.

Who is Innyat to claim his version of Islam is any more right that an extremists?? Fact is, he isn’t. The only fact here is that if there was no Islam no one would have to worry about any of this.

DruidRevelation – 47 votes
Why should we go out of our way to deny the role of Islamism here?

Batleymuslim – 39 votes
[Inyat writes][My friends add that Aulaqi’s worldview underwent a radical change following the start of the US war against Iraq in 2003, his subsequent move to Yemen in 2004]

…. the above is incorrect. He was a radical well before the US invasion of Iraq and he left the US not in 2004 but in 2002 when the Americans stared taking notice of his links with radical Islam. He came to the UK where for the next 2 years he took to touring the British Islamic community where he gave plenty of lectures and speeches of the evils of living with Non-Muslims.

…. Strangely enough the spiritual headquarters for the MCB is the East London Mosque which is where Anwar Al Awlaki was invited to take part in a debate in Jan of this Year .

… It seems that a lot of background information into this odious person appears to be missing from Inayat’s article. Information which to the contrary gives the impression that rather than being ostracised by the so called British Islamic leadership, this man is seen as a must have at any conference, event, social shin dig in the UK.

ClydeEastman – 33 votes
The fact is, “federal officials” were well aware of Maj. Hasan`s communications with Al-qaeda, but refused to act upon it due to the suffocating nature of the current PC enviorment. God help any mortal who speaks out against a peace-loving Muslim for ANY reason! Better to allow dozens of our brothers and sisters be slaughtered than offend even ONE peace-loving Muslim.

Peitha – 35 votes
…. Actions speak louder than words. If Inayat Bunglawala wants to be taken seriously about being opposed to such violence, then he should sever his links with those who advocate and support it. ‘By their friends shall ye know them’ and all that.

You may find such sentiments uncomfortable in your self-appointed role of chief apologist for Muslim violence on CiF, with your incessant tu quoque arguments, but that’s why many people regard you as a bit of a figure of fun, in case you hadn’t noticed.

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